Metals technology spare parts

Spare parts delivery for the iron, steel and aluminium industry.
L C M offers...
solutions to its customers from the metals technology branch. Our competencies have been proven through the delivery of products for the production of steel and aluminium. Technologies for the steelmaking, electro and automation industry are part of our offer. Through our extensive partner network our services include hot, cold and aluminium rolling mills as well as belt systems.


Industrial equipment

Solutions for the production of manufacturing, sensors, special cables or electrical components. L C M offers...
solutions for industrial equipment to its customers. Our competencies have been proven through the delivery of products, inter alia, for the production of manufacturing or plastic goods.


Harbour equipment

Solutions for harbour cranes, pumps, motors, cables or lubricants. L C M offers...
special solutions for harbour equipment to its customers. Our offer includes products such as cables, drums and drive technologies. Through its long experience in this business sector L C M provides products and services on the highest quality standards to its customers.


Laboratory equipment

A wide range of solutions for the varying needs in the researching industry including products like Bunsen burners, microscopes, spectral photometers and heat meters. L C M offers...
the opportunity to acquire products for laboratory equipment, too. Our offers include reference materials and standards for analytics, being already used in numerous laboratories. Similarly, we provide solutions in terms of machines and accessories for metal and mineral analytics. Sample containers, electro-optical test systems, technology for gas removal and gas analysers are an additional extract from our extensive product portfolio. Particularly specialized UV-measuring technology and surface measuring instruments complement the individual needs of laboratories.

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